TraceBOOSTTM Enhanced Tube Tracing   

Maximize heat transfer from conventional tube tracing

Over many years of heating processes with ControTrace® bolt-on heating systems, CSI noticed there was a large gap between low temperature maintenance applications and those requiring critical temperature maintenance.  When conventional tube tracing / steam tracing doesn’t meet the process temperature needs, TraceBOOST Tracing is a viable option where critical temperature maintenance systems like ControTrace® or fully jacketed pipe are not needed. 

TraceBOOST Tracing’s aluminum enhancer design conducts more heat from the outer circumference of the tubing into the process, greatly improving heat transfer efficiency. Adding TraceBOOST to an existing, poorly-performing single tube tracing run will significantly improve performance. Additionally, in applications using more than 1 tube tracing run, adding TraceBOOST Tracing will reduce the quantity of tube tracing runs, which in turn reduces the amount of steam traps and manifold positions – saving money in upfront capital investment and long term operational costs. CSI’s TraceBOOSTdelivers the technical and commercial value you’ve come to expect from CSI for over 50 years.

The benefits of the TraceBOOST Tracing include:

  • Superior thermal performance

  • Holds tubing firm to pipe

  • Easy to install

  • Cost savings over conventional tube tracing

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