CSI's SxSeal 1000 - Standard Design

SxSeal ™ 1000 



Base Configuration

CSI's SxSeal™ 1000 is designed with a standard external footprint, along with interchangeable internal components to vary sulfur flow rate as production requirements change.  The base configuration features:

  • Patent-pending internal sealing mechanism 
  • Quick-opening top head
  • Stainless steel sealing components; all other materials carbon steel
  • Maintenance drain
  • External heating with ControTrace® steam tracing system (not shown) 

The sealing components are provided in stainless steel material.  All other SxSeal™ 1000 components are standard carbon steel material.

Optional Configurations & Components

  • Option 1:  Rod-out nozzles 
  • Option 2:  Bottom discharge to accommodate positioning directly above pit inlet 
  • Option 3:  All stainless steel construction
  • Option 4:  Pressure relief bypass