Standard Jacketed Piping


Standard jacketed piping provides the most uniform application of heat to the process and maintains the most uniform process temperatures. The core pipe is welded to the front and back of a slip-on flange, and the jacket pipe is welded to the back of the flange. Flanges can be a large heat sink for the process, and this construction allows the heating medium to heat the flanges as well as the process piping, thus preventing cold flanges from disrupting the process. Oversize flanges (i.e., flange size matches the jacket NPS rather than the core NPS) are required to allow sufficient room for bolting up the flanges during pipe installation. Consequently, all equipment (valves, pumps, meters, etc.) must also utilize oversize flanges or special flange adapters. Standard jacketed piping is used most frequently with processes that have a narrow temperature range, require very uniform temperature maintenance, and/or must have maximum heat input for melt-out or heat exchanger service.