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Jacketing Solutions for Heating Valves, Instrumentation, Pumps, & Other Process Components

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Since 1973, ControHeat® bolt-on jacketing for valves, pumps, meters, and other process components have been the preferred method of component heating for many applications. Practically any piping system component can be effectively heated with a ControHeat® bolt-on jacket. Heating applications range from 200-750°F and utilize steam, hot oil, hot water, and electric heating media. Since steam is the predominant heating medium for plant heating systems, ControHeats® as well as weld-on jackets are often referred to as steam jacketing. Similar to weld-on jackets (but unlike steam tracing), a ControHeat® jacket provides uniform heating by maximizing component surface area coverage. The benefits of ControHeat® versus fabricated jackets include:

  • Cost. ControHeat® jackets offer significant CapEx cost savings of 40-80% compared to weld-on jacketed components. OpEx costs also highly favor the ControHeat® since the bolt-on jacket is re-useable.

  • Schedule. A ControHeat® bolt-on jacket allows the use of standard line-size components (versus oversize flanges required for weld-on jacketed components), resulting in significantly quicker replacement times and a smaller spares inventory.

  • Reliability. Unlike weld-on jackets, ControHeat® jackets do not produce weld-induced distortion of the component during fabrication which can affect future component performance. Any component body casting flaws will not be exposed to external pressure. And, the potential for cross-contamination between the process and heating medium is eliminated.

 Each ControHeat® jacket is cast from ASTM B179 Grade A 356.2 copper-free aluminum to fit a unique piping system component. CSI maintains a pattern library for over 10,000 components, and new patterns can be made for almost any component. A carbon steel or stainless steel pressure chamber is embedded in the aluminum casting to contain the heating medium. The aluminum casting is not designed to hold pressure but only to promote uniform heat transfer around the piping component. A thin layer of heat transfer compound is applied to the inside of the ControHeat® to promote heat transfer between the aluminum jacket and the component. The engineering of the pressure chamber is based on design details which have been burst tested in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 1. All welding is performed per Section IX. Each pressure chamber is pressure tested per Section VIII. The standard pressure rating for ControHeat® is 150 psig at 400°F, but higher ratings are available if required.

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