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Company History


Company History

Company History


Controls Southeast, Incorporated (CSI) was established in 1962 by our then parent company, Carolina Controls, Incorporated. Our mission at that time was to perform valve repair and fabricate flexible metal hoses.

In 1970, we were asked to weld a heating jacket around a valve body to allow valve application in processes with relatively high freeze points. This launched us into the realms of heated piping systems and specialty fabrication. Today, we continue to provide weld-on jacketed valves (and other components).

In 1973, we developed a bolt-on valve jacket (which we named ControHeat®) in response to inherent weaknesses with weld-on jackets. The ControHeat® jacket eliminated the potential for valve damage due to welding, the inability to replace the valve without destroying the jacket, and the potential for cross-contamination. Since its inception, ControHeat® bolt-on heating jackets for valves, pumps, meters, and other process components have been the preferred method of component heating for many applications.

In 1976, we began employing our welding skills to fabricate jacketed piping (also referred to as double-walled pipe) for our heated valve customers. Our jacketed piping business has steadily grown, and today we are the largest provider of jacketed piping on the USA’s East Coast. The design and welding expertise required to produce high-quality jacketed piping also contributed to our growth in specialty fabrication products like pressure vessels and precision manifolds. Today, we are alliance suppliers for several worldwide companies. Customers depend on us to produce critical containment systems (for such Class M service as Phosgene) and High Alloy Specialty Fabrication. Materials of construction commonly found in fabrication at CSI include aluminum, carbon steels, chrome moly steels (including P91, P22 and P11), all austenitic alloys, titanium, Hastelloy, nickel, Inconel, duplex alloy steels (such as Sandvik 2205), and AL6XN.

In 1980, we introduced bolt-on jacketing for piping (which we named ControTrace®) as a lower-cost alternative to jacketed piping. Our ControTrace® product is used in applications where fully jacketed piping is cost prohibitive for large pipe sizes and/or not necessary for less stringent thermal requirements. Today, thousands of miles of ControTrace® are in service in plants and refineries on every continent. Due to its cost advantages, ControTrace® has grown to be the product of choice for many heated piping applications, particularly for sulfur, asphalt, coker, polymers and polymer resins, and many, many more.

In 2002, we began large-scale production of process piping (not jacketed) as a compliment to our ControTrace® product (whereby we provided the piping along with the ControTrace®). Since then, our production capacity has grown significantly, enabling process piping to become a major part of our product offering.

Today, the focus of our business falls into three broad categories of products and services: